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Hwanhee speaks outs!


R&B duo, Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee shared his tearful breakup with his former lover during a taping of the variety show, Ya Shim Man Man Season 2. It was his second relationship with an actress/singer girlfriend (with no apparent name mentioned). He was devastated over the breakup because of his management’s cruel intentions. That would be the involvement of his management in between the lovers and putting their relationship in jeopardy by spreading vicious rumors about Hwanhee.

Hwanhee stated:

“It was too painful to watch my girlfriend being unfairly treated by her management for dating me and getting stressed out because of the rumors, I didn’t have a choice but to let her go. It took me a long time to get over her, and it obviously affected me on stage when I performed. When I was on live singing “Even my Heart Breaks,” I got very emotional and had to hide my tears back-stage.”

The issues of manipulative and inhumane management’s are starting to become more apparent, especially with Jang Ja Yun’s tragic death. Hopefully things start to change, so that artists and entertainers can lead normal and happier lives.


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“Farewell for a while to fly higher” ~ Interview


Fly To The Sky, a decade as a male duo “Farewell for a while to fly higher”
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There is a group that kept freshness and showed maturity at the same time for 10years since they appeared to the fans.

They are Hwanhee(27) and Brian (28) of Fly To The Sky.

They came back with the 8th album (Decennium) long after July, 2007 (It’s been a year and 7months).
Their great performance of the title song ‘Restriction’ makes us feel encountering the former FTTS since they used to sing ballad the most and also fascinating by the addictive melody for the more you listen to.
They’ve been together for 10 years, they stated that they will be apart from FTTS for a while after this album, the last official one.
As much they did their very best on this album.

#We did not try to change our image of dancing group intentionally.
The expectation which they will bring out the ballard songs with their beautiful harmony this time as well was way off.
Of course the ‘Restriction’ is a song with their great harmony but their dancing was very impressive for sure.
Hwanhee and Brian said “We wanted to dance.”.

In fact they wanted to change their ‘Idol group’ image and SM music style as they got transferred their management company from SM Entertainment.
They did not want people to say they still sing as SM style. So after 1st and 2nd album, they tried to go for different music style and they have received many songs like ‘Missing You’ style music since ‘Missing You’ was a hit.
They never thought that they will only go for the ballard music but they became doing ballad music eventually. Therefore they never struggled to change their image of an idol group.
But this time they wanted to make special performances like musical style more for this album is the last official one of FTTS.

#We are not disbanding!
FTTS have decided to go separately after this album. But that doesn’t mean they are disbanding.

They have made this decision because they thought that there was no more ways to go further with FTTS but they are planning to make albums together somehow whenever they feel like to get together.

Hwanhee and Brian said ‘We are not disbanding, we want to have some time to rest and feel like we cannot go further like this. When we get together, it will be something special.

We cannot just stay at the same place. We can be staying as FTTS but we feel like we are locked in a case. There will be a big difference on working individually.

We’ve been receiving lots of love and we did lots of music we wanted to do as FTTS. But there are things that are missing.

One of them is it would be better to end up after receiving the #1 award but at the same time it was better without it ’cause or else we must have lots of pressure afterward.

From this June Hwanhee and Brian will start their individual activity. Brian will challenge a movie. He said memorizing the script is a bit burden but very exciting.

And Hwanhee said he wants to come out as a progressed actor since he planted his feet on the acting field.

He said that he had great experience from drama “I love you” even though it was not a hit. His senior actors told him that he is good on vocal as a singer but advised him to practice more on the feelings.

He said he wants to challenge many different characters such as a scamp not only a melo-character.

#Wish to be remembered as..!
Hwanhee said he thinks “Long time singers have a strong image as singer that it’s very hard to be successful as an actor but nevertheless I want to be successful on acting as well as singing for doing my best.

And I would like to train new singers as a producer. I like acting and singing both now but I won’t do two things at the same time.

I remember that I had a hard time for doing the concert and the drama at the same time in th past.

There are changes as well. I used to like creating music and being on the stages but did not like advertising the music with many different ways. But now I feel like ‘why not’.

It was such a burden doing things other than singing as a singer but now I feel that it’s not a big deal as I get older.

And I’ve obtained self-confidence in some ways.

Hwanhee said that “There is no need to compare mine to other’s music and it’s just good enough to go on my own way.”.

They’ve been working in this extremely variable entertainment field for 10 years and it seems like they can see through the flow of it.

Hwanhee said “I don’t know but one thing for sure is people’s taste change extremely fast.”.

And in some ways Hwanhee and Brian became similar like each other for being together all this time. Hwanhee used to like only Korean food but now he also like western food as well.

Brian also became liking Korean food such as this soup made of cow’s blood.

#We think we’ve done well!
People sometimes look back their past life. At this time Brian and Hwanhee are the same way.

Brian said “I think I was responsible for the things that I chose to do and I’ve been good at it. And I also think that being with Hwanhee was my fate”. And he looked at Hwanhee.

And Hwanhee said “If I wasn’t a singer I would be a dancer since I loved music and dancing. I think I was going to be the same anyway at the end.

I do not regret what I’m doing. Brian and I started working at early 20s so that we had no chance for having campus life or hanging out with friends, but the time we had together is the most precious that don’t want to change with anything.”

Hwanhee showed strong faith about the choices he have made.

This kind of job contains insecurity that it is hard to avoid the agony of the future.

Hwanhee said “I do worry about the future a lot. I used to work without thinking when I was younger but now I get to think what to do and how to be more accepted.

I get to think deeply and became more sensitive on those aspects. And whenever I feel insecure for those reasons, it was I who’s holding out myself.

I believe in myself and think about the people who trust and love me. My family is my big help.” and he smiled.

How do they think about each other?? Brian said Hwanhee is a bit bizarre and he is not a bad guy that he seems like on the variety show.

Sometimes he is abrupt but he is very intimate to the people who are trustworthy.

‘Bad guy’ Hwanhee said a little tip of his ‘love know how’. And that is to be good at ‘pushing & pulling’.

He said not to show the other that you are so in love.

He said his ideal woman is a homely woman who cooks well.

Hwanhee said he wants to do great music like Justin Timberlake’s and he is learning English very hard as to come out on the world stage.

They are spreading their wings wide to fly higher than ever and so let’s wait and see with great expectation on their success.

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