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News on Hwanhee’s solo album

It looks like every Fly to the sky fans msot esp. Hwanhee’s are now rejoicing and so exccited for the release of his solo album..i have here a video that i got from youtube which features news from his upcoming albm, too bad it’s in Japanese, can anyone please translate this for us? thanx.

credits to:mitan0422 @ youtube


pics of Hwanhee from his tour to Hawaii

Hwanhee arrival airport]
Credit we love fany cafe.daum ptp0505 photo by jung





Hwanhee @ 8th Korean Music Festival at Hawaii

After the goodbye performance of Fly to the sky, it’s really my first time to see Hwanhee again, and im just so excited to watch his performance again eventhough Brian is not with him in this concert:(
Anyway here are some of the videos that was uploaded by fans to youtube, hope you’ll like it….





UPLOADED BY: katheezy811 @ YT


fly to the sly japam fanmeet translation



All translations are property of Deborah and heavenly-sent




Thank you.


It’s been a while. Did you miss me?

I see that there are people wearing masks. In Japan, everyone is suffering because of the swine flu, and I’d like to say thank you to those that came to the concert nevertheless.

In Korea, the celebrities attend lots of events in Japan. And I heard that a lot have been cancelled. But, even though I die with you all here on the stage, I didn’t cancel the show and came here to sing to you.

And today is special, both for Hwanhee and Brian, because it is the first time we have our separate stages after our last promotion. Both of us are very nervous and have lots of worries that you might not like our separate stages. But I trust that you will enjoy it and I will do my best so please keep your seats until the end.

As the show continues, there are lots of good songs prepared for you, and I hope that we can have lots of fun together. There are a lot of people up there too. Hello. And there are a lot of our Korean fans from Korea here too. Thank you so much, I am deeply touched, and *fake coughs* Oh, the swine flu… But! I will sing you very good songs until the end *fake coughs*.

This time, the song I am going to sing… The song that I sang just now was ‘First Love’, which was a song by a Japanese singer, and you know ‘Beethoven Virus’? I sang the title song, ‘My Person’, and I was able to sing it here in Japan, *Japanese translation* I’m sorry, translator.

*Fans call out Hwanhee* Yes, I’m Hwanhee. Well, in my remake album… I released a remake album before… translation? *Japanese translation* and there’s a solo song in there, and everyone was asking why I never sang it, so I will sing it especially for you tonight.



I didn’t know that so many people would be here tonight. Do you want me to take my sunglasses off? Okay. It was stuffy for me too. !@#$%^&* Although I’m worried about the swine flu, I will try even harder. When I come back later, I hope that there are even more fans next time.

Oh, my voice … ahh. Well, first, alcohol and cigarettes, I do not do. That brings about vocal damage most quickly. Also, I drink a lot of tea, all types of tea that is good for my throat, everything except green tea. Green tea is very good for your diet and is the most favoured by women, but for singers, there’s a substance that eats away the vocal cord. It dries it up, makes it dry.

These days… the biggest thing was preparing to come here, and right now I’m preparing for my solo album. Around autumn, Hwanhee’s solo will come out, and there’s a lot of pressure, but if all of you will enjoy it here, I can have confidence.

In my spare time? I study on my days off. I’m joking. I watch movies, I exercise, I stay home most of the time. I watch movies at home, or watch clips of other singers singing different songs, and I go, “Wow, this guy is good.”

For me, what I do when I come to Japan is nothing special. These days, when I come… I start off with ramen. Very delicious. And it wasn’t like this previously, but when I come to Japan for events or fan meetings, I would _____ a month or two before. And besides work, I talk about this with my friends, I want to come to Japan to relax, it’s very clean. And it is a place I want to visit often.

First, I’m taking a big break in Japan, doing the fan meeting, and hanging out a bit, and when I first arrive back in Korea, *sigh* I’m here again, back home. But after a while I get used to it again. But if I was to stay in Japan for more than a month, I would feel, in a way, a little lonely. As for fans, if I do performances there are a lot of them, but outside, I can’t really communicate, so it’s difficult to eat, so I go around. I’ll study a lot of Japanese quickly and come back.

For the past 10 years, working as Fly to the Sky, I went to a lot of different overseas countries, because of work and music videos. But I haven’t actually gone to travel, I went because of work, but I had a great time hanging out as I worked. Out of those, the most memorable country… I love them all, but… Japan? I like other countries too, but Japan, even on the streets, the people are very kind and there are lots of things to eat and see. But, ah, in this very close and nice country, the swine flu… and I hope that a lot of people get better soon. And I really hope that there are no fans that come down with it.

In Korea, I do have celebrity friends, but we don’t go hanging out that much, and the people I’m close to are Junjin from Shinhwa, and the actor Lee Bum Soo. And I don’t go out with those people, and if I meet them, we go to a very quiet, roomy bar.

If the fans come to Korea… Brian’s house is nice. And I think all of you find your ways around pretty well. You all know Namsan and Apgujung pretty well, and besides those places I don’t really go anywhere else… Haeundae in Pusan? Yes, sorry.

Japanese food, there was nothing that I specifically liked before, there’s nothing that I especially love, but there seems to be a lot of peculiar foods. And yesterday I had !@#@!$@# it was very nice. And there was a station nearby here. And with the manager and cody I found a restaurant and I went in there, because there seemed to be a lot of yummy food, but there were so many people that I just came back out. I think there were Japanese fans there too. Who saw me there yesterday? But that’s not important.

Oh, my favourite sports… I love all sports. I can’t golf, but I love basketball, soccer, gym… there’s nothing else. That’s all, etc.

The secret to having a hot body? That would be, for me, these days, all celebrities have good bodies. So right now I am training with Bae Yong Joon’s trainer. Yes. But if you don’t have huge muscles like him, I think everyone has a good body.

Ah, even before I came here, about two or three days ago, I was really hungry. And there’s chicken breast that I eat. And I ate that because I was hungry, but I don’t eat that every day, so I ate it and spat it out. So when you’re really hungry, you have to eat. That’s the unfortunate reality of celebrities.

A while ago, in a city… I don’t know. I’ve been there once. I held a fan meeting over two days there… ah, Kobe was good. The scenery was good. !@#*$#*&$. And, #$@$#@$#< I want to visit there. *Describes a place he visited yesterday*. And the famous city streets, I want to walk around, doing shopping, and I want to take a picture in front of the Tokyo tower.

If I can be a woman for a day… I think it would be similar for everyone. Visiting the women’s public bath, when I see really pretty women’s clothes, if I can become a woman I want to try them on. And I like women. Don’t misunderstand me.

When I was younger, I was really small. I was small, and my face was small, and big kids would come up to me and put their fist in my face and say my face is the same size as their fist. But as I grow older, it’s good that I have a small face. So I was bullied by a lot of big kids, so I started exercising when I was in middle school. Push-ups and breakdancing. And when I do that, your body gets bigger. So when I started high school no one touched me. So my nickname during my high school days was a farmer. Just so stupidly strong. So I grew up like that.

I had a lot of dreams when I was younger. I liked to sing, but I didn’t want to be a singer, I wanted to be a pilot. And a car racer, a sportsperson, a bodyguard. I was like that, but as I grew up it changed. And I started to like singing and my dream became a singer.

When I’m in Korea it’s the same. I do gym and go to work, so I have to sleep at least 6-7 hours a day.

Fashion. Ahh. I don’t really put too much effort in. Really comfortable clothing. I always wear jeans with a black tee.

Wait. I have to prepare a bit first. Okay.


Thank you.



Thank you! Hello. I am Brian. *speaks Japanese* I came here to Japan after a while. Have you all been doing well? I will be starting off as a solo singer again, and standing on stage by myself again, I’m a little nervous. Hwanhee was really awesome, wasn’t he? I saw him, and even to my eyes, Hwanhee is very handsome, and sexy. Strangely, during our Fly to the Sky days, Hwanhee was tough and I was sexy, but today I will hold back the sexiness and I will go as the calm and cute guy. Yes. Everyone, please keep your seats until the end, and I will sing to you the next song.


Please sing along if you know the song!

That was Brian’s first solo album’s title song ‘Don’t Go.’ I was able to come first with this song, with the help of not only the Korean fans but also the Japanese fans. Thank you. I really can’t forget that moment and I was so happy. So today, I will only sing for the fans that are here today. So now, I will sing my favourite song from my solo album, it’s a sad song, and I hope that all of you here don’t have to experience this kind of love. I will sing you the song ‘Because we do not love.’


Well, I didn’t really get much sleep before I came. All of you here, you know I do facebook right? Yes, I put it there that I am really scared of flying. So I couldn’t sleep for two days. And I was so tired during shopping yesterday that I slept. But I’m still lacking a bit of sleep, so I’m a little nervous.

When I come to Japan, I always buy shoes. There’s a brand of shoes that I really like in Japan.

There are a lot of shoes that I never wore at home, almost 100 pairs. I really like collecting.

My favourite food is *Japanese food names*. Korean singers say, if you go to Japan or other countries like the US, some people have to eat Korean food. I always try the special food of that country.

There isn’t a piece of accessory that I own that I especially like, but I love crosses. Of course, it may be because I go to church, but out of the accessories that I’ve seen, the ones with the cross seem to be the prettiest.

In Korea, I go to Dongdaemoon, when I go to Dongdaemoon a lot I #$(*%#$. I don’t buy anything but I usually go window shopping.

I want to concentrate a lot on fashion, but sometimes I have to go out from the house quickly. On those occasions, rather than concentrating on fashion, I dress casually. Because although you look good on the outside, it looks good to others’ eyes, but for yourself, when you’re sitting down, you might be uncomfortable.

The similarities are that both the Korean and the Japanese fans cheer loudly when I’m on stage, and it’s so cute. And from the singers’ perspective, that makes you perform better and harder. And the difference is that for the Japanese fans, when they’re listening to the music, they really concentrate on the music and only listen, so sometimes I’m a little nervous. So when I’m singing in front of Japanese fans and make eye contact, I’m a little embarrassed. But Korean fans, they’re quiet, and then one peculiar person would scream.

I always say this, but as soon as I get up, I clean. If I do not clean before I go out of the house, I feel really uneasy. If I made a coffee date with a friend, to go out, and if I didn’t get the time to clean before I went out, then during the whole time that I am with this friend, my face is like *makes facial expression.* And then the friend will be like “What’s wrong with you?” and I’ll say “It’s nothing,” but on the inside I’ll be like “Ah, I didn’t clean, I feel so nervous.”

And I also like to exercise. And watch movies. And these days I’m really into US dramas and sitcoms. I watch a lot of that. Like “Heroes”.

*Japanese translation, audience laughs* Why are you laughing? *laughs*

And when I rest, to be honest, I’m really sorry to my friends, because I’ll make a lunch date at one, but I’ll be cleaning, and to me it doesn’t seem clean, so I’ll call and say “I’m sorry”, I’ll lie, and say “the manager called me up, ” so I’ll delay it one hour. So I’m really sorry to the manager, because my friends hate him for it. They’ll say, “Why doesn’t he tell you your schedule in advance?” But I’m not that sorry, because it means I can do my cleaning. I’m crazy! *laughs*

And I also did this. I went over to a friend’s house, and it would be really dirty, so when the friend goes to the bathroom, I clean it all up in that time.

But there’s a reason for my cleanliness. Because during my high school days, my part-time job was cleaning at a restaurant. Funnily enough, at that time I was really messy, didn’t even clean my room, but as I did the work it became a habit.

I really didn’t want to say this, but I do clean. I think of my hotel room as my house. And normally if you go to a hotel, you usually don’t put your clothes into the drawers. But I do. I even put all my underwear in. And I put all my makeup and shampoo in the bathroom as well. Because, although it’s a hotel, if it’s not like my room, I’m really uncomfortable when I go in after work. I’m crazy!

And in addition, when I get to Korea, I shower first. When I get off the plane, even though it’s not a long trip, you feel a little yucky, so yeah. And I eat. And I don’t do my cleaning. Strangely, when I get to Korea, my friends come over because I haven’t seen them in so long. So I make them do the work. Crazy!

There isn’t a special secret to having a good body. In my case, before, I used to do a lot of exercise. But these days I don’t, because there are so many delicious things to eat. So I eat a lot, and I try to exercise, but on my way to the gym, I’ll see something delicious and I’ll eat again. I’ll exercise again.

I never thought of myself as good looking. There are a lot of people better looking than me, like Hwanhee, TVXQ, BoA, *Japanese singer*. There’s many. I’m just me.

*laughs* I like to clean, my habit is to clean and to wash. Especially on the first day, I washed my hands so much I thought they were going to tear. I washed my hands all day. Before I eat, after I eat, and wherever I go, when I touch a handle, I’ll wash my hands. I’m so crazy! I know!

But I heard a story, that if a person’s too clean, it’s easier for them to get sick. So I’m a little worried. I’m so crazy! I’m so crazy.

(I know because I was born a man?), but it’s not that I don’t want to be a woman, but my mum used to say that she hoped he was a daughter. I think that’s what every mom feels. But as I live as a man, not all things are great, but I’ve learnt everything there is to be learnt, so I’m glad I was born a man. It looks like women live their lives really hard, so as I look at that, I’m a little scared of I was born a woman.

If I was a woman, you know, I think women want themselves to look pretty and sexy, so I think I would have put on my best clothes and make up, and go to a club. That’s the manager I was talking about. I have to blame it on him and do my cleaning. Sorry!

When I was young I was really messy. So I got in lots of trouble with my dad. You don’t do your bed in the morning, and I hate to admit it, but during middle school, I was so lazy I didn’t brush my teeth before bed, and I didn’t wash my hair for a week, I was that sort of kid. But I did well at school. I studied hard, and I listened to my parents, I was a good kid.

My dream as a kid was being Michael Jackson’s back dancer. I liked Michael Jackson, so from then I got interested in dancing and I liked to sing. And I liked Janet Jackson as well, so I practiced her choreography by myself. I love Michael Jackson.

*talks about Japanese city he would like to visit* I heard it was really pretty there. A friend visited there, and it is the spot you must visit when you go to visit, so I want to go there. And last time, we had a fan meeting at a spa, and I want to spend some time like that.

*sorry I can’t understand what he’s saying*

I like Indian food, and Italian. I love Italian food so much, and I try to learn a lot of the cooking myself. Pasta, and there’s a chicken recipe I made myself, and usually chicken’s really stiff, the breast part, but I marinate that and make it really soft. It’s become a cooking show all of a sudden. People who taste it, I hate to boast, but say it tastes really good.

Really? Too much! If you all bring chicken I’ll make it for you. I’ll spread it over a year and make it for one person each day.

I love Japanese food. I love *Japanese food names* and I ate udon yesterday. I ate at a 80-year old famous place yesterday, putting vegetables in the middle.

I love basketball, and I love to run. So during my school days I used to run tracks, like 100m, and in grade 8 I was in the track team and I came third. I have thick legs, but I run fast.

For me it’s always faith. I know that not everyone here would go to church but for me, I go to church, so whatever I do, I trust in the Lord first and I do my work. Bye! I’m crazy!

I’ll sing my last song. I wanted to sing it by myself, but since we talked about church, there’s a song I used to listen to when I was so tired and wanted to give up. It’s a hope-giving, CCM pop song, it’s happy rock music. But today, I want to do it with someone, and the reason why I chose this song was, a couple of days ago, about a week ago in fact, I was checking my email, and I heard that a fan of mine had cancer two years ago. She had cancer two years ago and it was incurable. But from that time, she got interested in Fly to the Sky’s music, and especially she felt comforted by my voice. So two years later, she visited the hospital and all the cancer was gone. And to honestly say, as I was reading the email, I was smiling and crying at home. That faith can heal someone. I want to call that person up here. I heard she was going to be here. Her name is Midori. Please put your hand up. Please come here.

Because of her, I gained more hope. And I was happy. And I don’t believe she was healed because of my voice, but I acted as a messenger, and that the Lord sent it through me. So I will sing for her, and for everyone here, a song for you when you are tired and let down. Is there a chair? This wasn’t actually prepared. But when I came to Japan, I felt I should do this. So before I came on stage I decided to do this. So I will sing this to you. Matthew West’s “You are everything.”


Thank you. How was it? I really wanted to sing this song to you, because I listen to it all the time, in the car. And this singer was suffering at the time too, I saw through YouTube. I cried through that too, and I felt that I should sing this song for Midori-san. And this is the last song. And before I go, I will sing one more song for you, this is also a pop song. It’s called “Have I told you lately.” The song should play.


And finally, before I go, I will sing one more song. I’m crazy. Yes, my name is Brian. I can say that too. You’ll all know this one. It’s by Fly to the Sky. You know this song? Everyone!


BRIAN: Thank you!

Okay, I’m here, I’m here, why why why? I’m crazy!

We were meant to do it all separately, but at the end, we had our last show in Korea, and we felt that we should sing for the last time together in Japan for all the fans that gave us so much love. And we promised in Korea that Fly to the Sky is forever, so we did this to prove it to you.

HWANHEE: Why are you crying? Oh, you were just covering your face. Thank you so much for coming tonight and if there’s a chance we’ll do Fly to the Sky in Osaka for sure, and Hwanhee and Brian will have separate stages and come back so please come. Seeing all these fans here make me very happy. Please give Hwanhee and Brian lots of love and Fly to the Sky is forever so do not forget Fly to the Sky.

Thank you!

BRIAN: Thank you!

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