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Hwanhee’s tattoo

credit: invasion fly to the sky


[VID] Sanctus Fiesta 20091121

credit:hwany0117 @ YT


Brian joo music forum

We just want to tell everybody that we already launched the Brianjoomusic forum.
here’s the link to the forum and we are hoping for the support of all the fly to the sky fans…


Brian’s Manager’s Update

It’s been a while.. Are you all doing well?^^

We are in the final stages of finishing the album

Yesterday Brian had a great time with the fans

(as the msn chat failed, Brian visited the korean fansite Heartcafe and held a short chat session there.)

I’ll talk him into having more opportunities like that often.

I’ll update you on a few points.

The album will be released on December 10th.. and it will be released online on the 10th as well.

You can probably see the music video on the same day as well.

As for the music broadcast, he will have his comeback on Musicbank on the 11th.

And the most important thing is that he will have a fan signing on the 12th and the 13th.

It will be at Kangnam Kyobo on the 12th and Central City on the 13th, both at 7pm.

And one more… the homepage opening will be a little delayed.

Until it is opened, we will upload the schedule here with this ID.

We are very sorry.

We will fix it up and try to bring Brian back in his very best.

See you later ^^

Credit: Brian’s Manager at Heartcafe + Translation by Deborah at Heavenly-Sent (also at Heartcafe Foreign Board)


Brian@ Sanctus Fiesta 20091121 20091121 KwangLin Church

credit songyi0630 from cafe naver Briends
data source invision Flytothesky/brianjoomusic forum


Happy 10th anniversary Fly to the sky!

free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at

It’s been 10 years, since fly to the sky debuted in the kpop scene. Who would imagine that they will come this far. So in behalf of the Filipino fly to the sky fans, Happy 10th anniversary, and more anniversaries to come.And keep flying up until both of you reach the sky, coz your fans will be forever be supporting you^^


Brian’s Post at Heartcafe

* (k) is like (haha), for those who might not know 😛

Hi everyone~!! kkkk

I haven’t written here in such a long time. How have you all been? To be honest, I wanted to write here before going to Chicago but I am so dumb I forgot my password kk ^^ But I was cleaning this morning and I found my password in a notebook I was using before… kkkk ah~! Embarrassing… Anyway now I can come in again so I’ll try to come in often…

It’s getting cold these days, isn’t it? Everyone be careful of getting a cold… I recently got a cold and it was so hard I nearly died k but now it’s getting better. And I finally finished recording my solo album… now after the mixing and the mastering it should be released around the second week of December. But until my album comes out please support Hwanhee and promote him lots… Hwanhee is working really hard and needs your help… Pleas help me too when I come out soon now…

Anyway, you guys keep healthy, keep on loving ‘Strong Heart’ and continue loving Hwanhee and me lots and please support us until the end… Thank you always and I will work harder for you guys… Everyone God bless~!!


credits: Brian@ Fly to the Sky Heart Cafe Translation by Deborah@Heavenly-Sent (also at Foreign Board Heart Cafe)

Fly to the sky Philippines

Please support; BRIAN JOO’s “UNVEILED” Album^^


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