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Hwanhee’s digital single “Foolish heart” feat. Sukhui

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[PHOTOS]Brian @ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook


Brian’s latest pix


Find the green gold ep.5



Brian Gives Love to Fany

It was revealed that Fly To The Sky’s Brian paid his fellow friend Hwanhee a surprise visit on Music Core on the 24th to celebrate his first solo debut performance.

Hwanhee’s agency, H Entercom, stated, “Brian, who has been Hwanhee’s partner for the duo group Fly To The Sky for the last 10 years, visited his prep room before his first solo performance.”

Brian commented, “My pal released an album, so I came to encourage him.” Hwanhee, who was nervous before his performance greeted Brian with a big smile.

Hwanhee asked Brian, “Was it that nerve racking for you when you became a solo singer?” Brian, who had released a solo album in the past, answered, “You will be nervous for the initial 2 – 3 weeks.”

Brian then watched Hwanhee’s whole performance live, in the studio.

Hwanhee said after his performance, “I was really nervous but thanks to Brian’s visit, I received great strength. I want to encourage Brian back when he does his first performance after he releases his solo album in December.”

Hwanhee is currently promoting his first mini solo-album H Soul, and will be performing his title-song, Because I Missed Your Heart, on various music programs.



‘Comeback’ Hwanhee, Exciting Competition w/ ‘Classmates’ Park Hyo Shin & Wheesung

Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, and even Hwanhee… Korean singer classmates are gathering attention because they are promoting their albums around the same time.

Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee released his first solo album ‘H Soul’ online on October 22nd and Park Hyo Shin and Wheesung already released his album and is now promoting it, and the three of them are high school classmates.

These three have attended Ah Hyun Industrial Information High School which has produced talented singers and now they meet again after acheiving their dream of being a singer. Hwanhee and Park Hyo Shin debuted in 1999 as part of the duo Fly to the Sky and as a solo singer respectively. Wheesung debuted in 2002 and he assured the Kpop world that he had great vocals.

These three are classmates of the same high school and talented singers, but it is the first time that they have promoted at the same times.

It turns out that the three of them attended ‘Kyunghee University’. Hwanhee and Park Hyo Shin graduated with an undergraduate degree in post-modern music. Wheesung joined them at Kyunghee University later after attending a cram school. Their fate joined when they went to the same high school and college.

Park Hyo Shin recently was on the charts for his 6th album ‘Gift’, Hweesung is also on the charts with his 6th album called ‘Vocolate’. Hwanhee who just released his album will also probably rank high in the charts.

On the other hand, Hwanhee got 200,000 clicks for his ‘Because I Missed Your Heart’ teaser. Hwanhee’s agency H Entercom said, “We have 3000 copies of the album in stock but more albums are coming in.”

[Newsen Reporter Park Sae Yeon]
Credits: Park Sae Yeon and translated by: Juliana@InvisionFlytotheSky
Reposted from; The hwanhee network


Homey Korean


Program Introduction:

Enjoyable conversation with the Stars!! Learn everything there is to know about Korea. New talk show with Korea’s leading entertainers, HOMEY KOREAN!! If most education programs on introducing Korea were dull with boring contents, HOMEY KOREAN is a new type of talk show like an episode out of a sitcom that will introduce Korea in a fun and exciting way!


Leading Korean entertainer Brian from the duo “Fly to the Sky” and his neighbor Chris, these two guys will introduce all there is to know about Korea through fun conversations making it easy for people to learn.

Based on their direct experiences and episodes in Korea, Brian and Chris will give answers to all questions that foreigners in Korea may be curious about, such as culture, travel, transportation, pop culture and so on.

Exciting talk show funnier than any other books, easier than any other Korean language programs, HOMEY KOREAN!!


It will be the new way to introduce Korean tourist information and educate Korean language at the same time.

The Host: English

Education: Rutger’s University


1st debut album “Day by Day,” 1999
 2nd album “Promise,” 2001
 3rd album “Sea of Love,” 2003
 4th album “Missing You,” 2004
 5th album “Gravity,” 2005
 6th album “Transition,” 2006
 1st solo album “The Brian,” 2006
 7th album “No Limitations,” 2007
 Host of “MBC Show! Music Focus”


Honored with the 18th Golden Disc Award

Arirang Viewers:

Hi! This is Brian from Fly to the Sky!
I’ve had this wonderful opportunity to participate as host in this meaningful program called ‘Homey Korean ‘, where Chris and myself did our best to make this program both fun and rich in content for everyone who is interested in Korea.
I’m sure you will enjoy “Homey Korean ”
And do continue to support Brian too.
Thank you.

Episode 1 – Really Like (Jeongmal Joayo)

Episode 2 – Hello (Annyeonghaseyo)

Episode 3 – What is this? (Ige mwoyeyo?)

Episode 4 – Do you have a room? (Bang isseoyo?)

Episode 5 – What is your name? (Ireumi mwoyeyo?)

Episode 6 – Does this go to Myeongdong? (Igeo Myeongdong-e gayo?)

Episode 7 – I am from the United States (migugeseo wasseoyo)

Episode 8 – Can I have this? How much is it? (Igeo juseyo, eolmayeyo?)

Episode 9 – It’s too small, it’s too big (Jom jagayo, jom keoyo)

Episode 10 – Have you seen Daejanggeum? (Daejang-geum bwasseoyo?)

Episode 11 – Can you speak english? (Yeong-eo hal su isseoyo?)

Episode 12 – Where is this? (Yeogiga eodiyeyo?)

Episode 13 – Excuse me, can i have some water please? (Yeogiyo, mul jom butakamnida)

Episode 14 – Please go to Insadong (Insadong-euro ga juseyo)

Episode 15 – How long will it take? (eolmana geollyeoyo?)

Episode 16 – I have a headache. I have a cold (Meoriga apayo. gamgi gatayo)

Episode 17 – Where are we doing it? (Eodieseo haeyo?)

Episode 18 – What’s your phone number? (Jeonhwabeonhoga myeot beonieyo?)

Episode 19 – It’s expensive. Please give me a discount. (Bissayo, kkakka juseyo.)


Episode 20 – Please help me. (jom dowajuseyo)


Episode 21 – Will it rain? (Biga olkkayo?)

Episode 22 – That’s my mother (Uri eomoniyeyo)

Episode 23 – When does it start? (Myeot sie sijakhaeyo?)

Episode 24 – Is this spicy? (Igeo maewoyo?)

Episode 25 – I want to go mountain climbing (Geungsanhago sipeoyo.)

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